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Egg Geodes

The time is upon us. It is Egg Decorating Time. My family and I are big fans of this time of the year due to the sheer crafty possibilities of the egg! In this case, we decided to go with something EGGstremely unconventional: The Egg Geode.

We made these EGGstra special eggs to appear as if bursting with sparkling crystals from within! The best part? They are super duper easy! Can you guess what we used to create this effect? It's something ubiquitous to most kitchens!



*Room temperature, hard boiled eggs


*Hot glue/gun

*Acrylic paint in grey, white and desired geode colors

*Optional: Iridescent glitter (preferably biodegradable)


1. Dump a cup of lentils on a plate.

2. Apply hot glue onto egg in a desired outline of geode. Dunk in lentils to cover glue.

3. Paint white. Let dry.

4. Add desired acrylic paint color to center in between lentils. Gradually lighten the paint with white as it reaches the outer lentils. Apply grey paint around the outside of lentils to define the perimeter.

5. Add glitter! Ta-da! You now have an Egg Geode!

Happy Spring Everyone!

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