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Candy Snowflakes

Approximately six snowflakes fell from the sky yesterday. It seemed to send people into a frantic state of excitement and delirium. How would they drive? What would they eat? Could they escape this crippling amount of the white stuff? It was sheer madness. Naturally, I too began to think about winter. But more importantly, I thought about winter crafting. I recalled an image of a really beautiful snowflake made entirely of marshmallows. I thought it could be fun to extend this activity using leftover Halloween candy.

The fact is, as it turned out, we actually gave all of our leftover candy to a charitable cause. Had I considered this idea prior to that (and I will next year), I would have certainly picked out the most prime; soft, yet structurally sound, colorful and shapely pieces to create these winter beauties.

Off to the store we went...


*Mike n Ike's

*Jelly Beans

*Mini Marshmallows

*Large Marshmallows

*Colorful, round toothpicks


1.Place desired candy on the end of the toothpick. Stack them. Use two types of candy. Get creative!

*We did this project with three 6 year olds, one 4 year old and a 2 year old. The off brand jelly beans we purchased were a bit tricky because of the thick sugar coating. I would recommend using a different candy or even just a smaller version for this project as the toothpick was a bit difficult for some to pierce the jelly beans. The Mike n Ike's worked really well! You could also try gum drops or any gummier type of candy that holds its shape.

To my surprise however, the 2 year old #nailed it!

Here the kids went rouge and made a castle.

2. Place the sharp side of the toothpick into the large marshmallow.

3. Repeat until you have created the Candy Snowflake of your dreams!