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Egg Tulips

Fine, it's February. It's not spring. You are right.


You know that random, warmish day that's real sunny? Yeah, that tells me that spring is nigh and I'm here for it. Despite the unusually warm winter weather and complete lackluster snowfall accumulations, the tiny hint of spring has me excited for the changing season. Crocus, daffodils, and...tulips will be here before you know it. Spring babies will be coming at farm school and the bright, spring climate will enliven even the most curmudgeonly soul.

With Easter on the way, we thought it would be fun to combine two very spring-y things! Eggs and Tulips! These Tulip Eggs are EASY! They are super fun too! They can be made by all ages and look fantastic. What's more? The egg can be eaten and the shell composted! No waste art IS THE BEST.


*Hard boiled eggs

*White crayon

*Water colors


For the Petal Egg Cup:

*Egg carton (Our are from Costco- egg carton shapes vary greatly)

*Green acrylic paint



1. Using the white crayon, draw petals on the egg. We found it helped to use a white crayon containing glitter. This helped us see our lines and we were able to wipe away the glitter (or not!) if desired.

2. Paint over the egg with your desired color! It's like magic to watch the white lines appear! It's really very cool!

For the Petal Egg Cup:

1. Cut out the middle section of the egg carton that appears like petals.

2. Paint the petals green. Be sure to flatten the bottom of this piece as it may change a little from the paint saturation. If you find it is unstable, place a piece of sticky tack under it.

3. Place your beautiful Tulips in the Petal Cup!

Happy Days, friends!


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