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The Middle of the Beginning

Live Concentric Circles

Here I am, in the middle of the beginning of starting...something.

Entrepreneurship has been a lifelong dream of mine. It seems the timing is just right, just now to begin this journey! As expected, starting something from scratch is difficult. Prior to beginning this process, I hadn't used a computer in nearly 4 years! I actually didn't even own one. Everything I did regarding social media and the like was from my phone. Which worked! It worked well in fact! But using a phone to build a website certainly has its limitations, if not an impossible feat. I knew if I wanted to be serious about this venture, I'd need to dig in and learn how to be (semi) proficient with a computer. So, I did. (Mostly.) I learned and I built this very website from which you read! I am excited to have learned a new set of skills and to have built my confidence along the way.

Dried Flower Vase

Learning a new skill set has been great but something far more valuable has happened on this journey. While developing my Instagram account, I have happened upon far more meaningful relationships than I would have thought possible. To my surprise, there seems to be a real community of people on Instagram that not only support one another but engage each other through inspirational posts and ideas. I am downright thrilled to be active with a community of people who support each other in this way. I believe community support is vital. Finding a community in whatever form the modern world presents is important for growth as an artist, entrepreneur, friend, mother and person.

Egg Carton Floral Bouquet

It is my hope that everyone may find a community of supportive people to help them grow. If you are looking for one, look no further. I would love to get to know you! Drop me message and say hello!

*And say hello to these lovely women who have made me feel welcome in the online crafting community!*

*Arielle from Art Camp

-Arielle's creations are top notch. She has a flair for beautiful and elegant design. She develops craft ideas for adults and children that double as art pieces for your home! In addition to her eye for design, she is a kind person. She brings humor, wit and love to the table! A perfect combination.

Gorgeous Almond Milk Vase

*Shelly from Creating Creatives

-Shelly's brand of creativity is sunshiny goodness! She develops crafts for children and families that are bright, beautiful and fun! When you look at her crafts, you simply cannot help but smile. More importantly, Shelly has a heart of gold. She is, as far as I am concerned, the sweetheart of Instagram.

Stunning Nature Mask

*Agnes from Hello, Wonderful

-Agnes is brilliant. She creates crafts and curates ideas that are both fun, and bright. Her website is filled with ideas for having a blast with your kiddos and making something unique together. Agnes always provides insightful and supportive comments on Instagram and I am super thankful for it!

Super Cool Rock Flamingo

*Shannon from Oh, Creative Day

-Shannon is a sheer delight! Her creations are eccentric, fun, bold and beautiful! Her posts are something to look forward to! She will make you laugh and marvel at just exactly how she does what she does with 3 (THREE!) very young children! Furthermore, Shannon is witty, supportive and kindhearted. My kinda girl.

Delightful Ice Cream Garland

Go find these gems! They will welcome you!

Thank you for reading!

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