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The Handy Clock

Whilst lying in bed one night...

about drift off, it occurred to me that a clock was a very 'handy' thing to have. One thing lead to another and I found myself dreaming of a clock made of hands. I mean, why wouldn't a clock be made of hands? It has two hands already on it!

To construct a clock made of hands, I figured it must follow the hand paradigm already present on the clock. We must have large hands and we must small hands! And of course our large hands would represent the minutes, just like the large hand on the clock mechanism. Alternately, our small hands would represent the hours! It seemed this project was really going to work out!

Now, where would I go about finding these hands? Oh yes! I have children! Children who love to craft! So, my son and I set out to construct this Handy Clock. We started by tracing our hands. This was actually me tracing our hands but he was actively giggling throughout the process. It tickles apparently!

We started cutting LOADS of hands. I'd say we cut maybe150 total hands. I felt it would be really cool if the entire thing was covered in hands vs. painting the background and placing just 24 hands around the clock. I do think that would look neat and would be a much easier project with the same educational benefits.

I chose to do the Handy Clock in rainbow because there are 6 colors in the basic rainbow and that would work perfectly around the clock! We could do the rainbow twice! This would give a cohesive finished look to the clock. I was getting excited now. This Handy Clock was really coming together. We cut the cardboard to nearly two feet in diameter and laid the hands out. We then glued the hands on.

I found some gold numbers similar to these. We placed the gold numbers around the clock and used a foam brush and Mod Podge to seal the entire clock. We waited very impatiently for our gold clock mechanism to arrive in the mail. It was a long, hard wait.


Finally the clock mechanism appeared at our door! We carved a hole in the center of the clock with scissors and placed the clock mechanism inside. It worked! We were (and still are!) pretty excited by the Handy Clock! Not only is fun to look at, it functions as a learning tool. The human hands have five fingers representing the increments of the clock. Kids can learn about time, numbers, math, colors, and the rainbow all at once!


Handy Clock

What do you think of the Handy Clock? Would you consider making one? Thank you for reading!

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