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Crafts and Caffeine Series

Let's dish, shall we?

Grab that ole cuppa by the... handle and c'mon. This series is dedicated to inspiration. You will find inspirational people, social media accounts, ideas, images and SO MUCH MORE! (*Best car dealer voice). Achieve caffeination either prior to or while reading this. Caffeination (n). ultimate state of bliss achieved only through caffeine consumption, generally excessive; thrusting oneself toward greatness. If that's not a word, I'm 100% certain it should be.

Inspiration can be found everywhere. It depends on your perspective though, I think. If you are open to you it, you might see something beautiful in a muddy puddle, a ball of lint or perhaps even a pile of trash. How can we change our perspective in order to see the beautiful in something?

I don't really have an answer.

But I can tell you that if you attempt to change your perspective, you will most likely do so in the process alone. The small changes in perspective tend to add up to a overall change in perception, and that is a good thing. Let's see if perhaps this post can change your perspective?

How about this little bouquet of flowers? Do you find it inspirational? No? Let's try for something else then!

How about these dyed and dehydrated apples? Do they make you feel a way? Do they give you that insatiable urge to create? That is simply the best feeling. And that, my friends, is what I'm going for.


Moving on, I'd like to introduce you to a few Instagram accounts that are full of inspiration. These accounts are fun, lighthearted and interesting. That qualifies as a certifiable win in my book. Let's have a look.

1. Hazel Vellacott

Hazel is an artist and illustrator based in Scotland. Her work is full of whimsy and intrigue. She delights on Instagram with a visual feast for the eyes draped in hues of pink and blue. Her work is undeniably charming with childlike musings and nostalgic scenes. Most importantly, Hazel is kind. You can find more of her work here: or on Instagram @hidden_egg.

2. Mie Rasmussen

Mie is a Danish mama who loves to create with her children. She can be found posting stunning images and inspiring activities on Instagram. She has recently begun a series of videos called "Kids Create". This series is a fun view into the creative process in her home as well as a bit of how-to, if you are so inclined. Mie's account is lovely and Mie is gracious. Find her on Instagram @mielaerkerasmussen.

3. Marcy Grant

Marcy and her child collaborate together to make beautiful images. The art pieces are bold and funky. They are saturated with color and expression and remind me of the representative qualities in Fauvism. The concept behind the creative process is equally as brilliant as the images themselves. Bringing children to the creative table is hugely important for emotional and intellectual development. Marcy manages to do that while effectively teaching teamwork. Needless to say, I'm a big fan. You can find more of these creations on Instagram

Aren't these people and their creations delightful? Find them on Instagram for more inspiration.


Let's dish on a dish now, shall we?

Yesterday we made this sunflower veggie platter. It turned out well! The kids didn't eat any of it (because they are sugar addicts despite my best efforts) but I sure did. I found it to be quite tasty. If you like fresh, creamy and salty, give it a go! Hopefully your children eat their veggies and mind their manners like good children do. (Wink).


2 yellow bell peppers

1 can of jumbo olives

1 broccoli stalk

1 8oz package of cream cheese

1 half cup of extra sharp cheddar, shredded

salt and pepper to taste

cutting board




1. Place room temperature cream cheese and shredded extra sharp cheddar into a bowl. Sprinkle a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. Mix it up!

2. Spread the mixture onto a plate, forming a circle.

4. Cut the peppers in half. Remove seeds. Now cut strips the length of the pepper. Cut the strips in half.

5. Place the pepper petals around the cream cheese mixture to build the flower. Use the flat pieces on the bottom and begin to layer up with the curled ends.

6. Cut the jumbo olives into quarters. Place them onto the cream cheese mixture to create the seeds of the sunflower.

7. Cut a broccoli stalk in half and place it under one of the flower petals, coming out from the flower.




I hope you have enjoyed this edition of Crafts and Caffeine! Leave a comment and let's dish!

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