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Fall For Pinecone Crafts

Fall is here, y'all! Let's cover our necks in wool and make things, shall we? Sounds like a pretty good plan to me. In fact, despite the 90 degree temperatures, my mind is 100% in the Autumnal Crafting Mood AKA - the ACM.

As I ponder my current ACM, I want to present you with a few crafts devoted to the lovely and humble Fall crafting element- the pinecone.

I've really gotten into the pinecone lately after a wonderful day out collecting nature finds. We found ourselves overloaded with pinecones. This was in no way a problem however! We were overjoyed to have an abundance and accepted it as a challenge to create as many pinecone crafts as possible! Let's have a look at some! Ready?

1. The UniCONE Horn Headpiece

Just look at his face! Here he is excitedly wearing a UniCONE headpiece made entirely of pinecones! (Plus cardboard and glue...and GLITTER!) Find the tutorial here!

2. The Pinecone Peacock Puppet

This little guy is super EASY and FUN to make! You simply remove a few of the scales on the inside curve of the pinecone and paint! Add blue to the top, green to the bottom and dots for the peacock feather eyes! Now you can add a little yarn or string to make a feather on the head of the peacock. DONE!

3. Sugar Skulls

Here we obviously used more than pinecones but the pinecone scales make really great teeth! Don't you think so? Here's another pic:

Pretty neat, eh? Find the tutorial to make these here.

4. Pinecone Wreath

Again, there are a lot more things happening than pinecones here...but! Just look how nicely those pinecones look against the dehydrated and colored apples! Speaking of, we have a tutorial for those apples here!

What do you think? Do you see the humble pinecone a little differently now?


Now back your regularly scheduled ACM.

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