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The Crafty Pumpkin

You all. I can't help myself with all these pumpkins around. It's downright arousing in the crafty(ist) of ways. They are such a tempting bit of fruit, with their bright orange exterior, highly versatile flavor, tasty seeds and varied shapes. The crafting potential just does not end. Consider though, the pumpkin as a source of inspiration in addition to an actual crafting medium. Let me show you a few ways you can use the pumpkin in such a manner!

Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist and writer. She creates art using the ever popular dot! She makes entire rooms filled with dots. The Obliteration Room is a complete trip into Dotville. I can imagine having a pretty amazing and dizzy time in there. Another popular Kusama creation is her dotty pumpkins. Those pumpkins are the source of inspiration for our Pumpkin Organizers...oh and of course the pumpkin itself offered some pretty epic inspo. Find the tutorial for our pumpkins here.

2. Giant Pom Pom Pumpkin

This Giant Pom Pom Pumpkin was REALLY an arm workout disguised as a craft. I am ok with that despite my now uneven biceps. To make this, I wrapped 7 skeins of yarn around two dining room table chairs! I then tied it in the middle and cut the absolute Dickens out of it until I achieved the pumpkin shape! I used 4 green poms to create the stem. A bit of hot glue later...viola! A giant pumpkin that the kids throw around like a football.

The Stained Glass Pumpkin is a super fun way to make your room or porch shine! The kids will enjoy the process as much as you. (Or at least...I hope so!) Make this and you'll be the coolest person on the block and be a hero to your friends! I made all of that up. What you will do by making this is show your kids that seemingly ordinary things can transform with a little ingenuity and determination. Open up the door for a discussion on weight distribution, stabilization, and illumination of light! Fun, fun for everyone. Plus, you actually will be a hero in your kids' eyes. And that is really a great feeling. Find the tutorial here.

Until next time, good crafting buds.

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