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Crafts and Caffeine

It's time to grab the ole cup again and discuss some very important things. Important things such as coffee and dissolving monster know, the really important stuff. But also inspiring people! Which, I would argue, truly is the important stuff!

Recently, we did a very scientific study of monster hands. It was an epic experience! The kids have not stopped asking to do the monster hand, the monster hand, the monster...hand, ad infinitium. And can you blame them? Not only did it involve a monster hand, it was a massively sensory experience with the end result being full body baking soda (green, no less!) coverage. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

The monster hand is based off the old vinegar and baking soda chemical reaction trick; a favorite among the youngsters. The bubbly reaction that occurs is truly fun! We thought we'd take this to the next level by placing veins and arteries in the hand! This way, as the hand dissolves, the kids would discover something more! Something that would add more depth to the experience. I figured I could draw parallels between the anatomy of the monster and human anatomy. (Was I getting at a more profound analogy here? A lady never tells.) Thus, providing an anatomy lesson through a playful learning experience. (With some Halloween thrown in there for good measure.)

Just look at that bubbly goodness!

The clothes came off!

Our discovery!

Educational goodness!