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Brainy Beginnings Valentine's Day Cards

Twice a year puns become a necessary part of the festivities. (Though let's be real, puns are always good, desirable, acceptable and even necessary.) Those two necessary pun filled times are Halloween and Valentine's Day. Costumes and gifts are best when a good (or very bad even) pun makes it way into the equation. Take exhibit A below.

Exhibit A:

These cards were designed to please the lover of the Good Bad Pun. That is indeed a category. Ask anyone. Find your free download below:

These cards can be printed on 8.5 inch X 11 inch card stock or regular paper. They can be colored in by the littles or gifted as is! The "Flask Card without Hearts" has an accompanying "Blank Hearts" sheet that can be colored in, cut out and glued to the card! Lots of punny good times ahead.

Enjoy friends!

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