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Burger Rock Stack

It's nearly summer here in the States and that can only mean one thing: BBQ time is upon us. There is just nothing quite like a good BBQ with friends. We like to hold one decent sized BBQ per month. We lovingly refer to this event as the Geek Out, Cook Out. This is a time when all my Geeky Mama friends, their babes and partners come to eat good food, laugh at the absurdities of life and enjoy a good cocktail. If you're in my area and like to engage in similar activities, hit me up! The more the merrier!

Summer is also a time to get out and walk in the waters that surround us. Lately we've been in multiple creeks, a stream and a lake. I love letting the kiddos explore independently. It is truly amazing what they will discover left unprompted. For instance, they discovered these great rocks! Creating a burger stack game seemed like the most natural fit for the shape of our rocks because A) food is perfect and B) fried eggs pair with everything. Just look at that flame grilled burger! Are you hungry yet?

Let's get started!


*Collected rocks

*Acrylic paint

*Paint brushes

*Mod Podge (optional)


1. Examine the shape of your rocks. Think about food while doing so. What are your favorite foods? Do your rocks look anything like your favorite foods? River rocks (or rocks from large creeks and streams) are generally rounder and flatter like ours. Those types of rocks make great tomatoes, lettuce, burgers and buns! You will need a longer, more jagged rock for the bacon.

2. Begin to paint your rocks by applying a thick base coat in the desired color.

3. After the base paint has dried, begin to apply details. Look at images on the internet to get a feel for the details you need to create realistic rock versions of food. For instance, the grill marks on the burger, the strips of fat on the bacon, the veining on the lettuce and the pulp in the tomato all add to the authenticity of the food. Make them as detailed as desired!

4. Optional: Apply Mod Podge to dried rocks to seal the paint and allow for hours of stacking fun!


Enjoy the Burger Rock Stack? Check out these other rock ideas!

1. Pea Stacking Rocks

Is it becoming obvious we have a food thing? Or does nature just continue to provide us with food shaped rocks? You decide!

2. Rockback Books

Not a hardback book or a soft cover, the incredibly sturdy Rockback book can be used for writing or self defense from your little brother. Just kidding. Don't hit your brother with a rock.

That's all for now folks. Have a great day!

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