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Gumball Machine Softie

When Trixi Symonds from the Sew A Softie initiative approached us about sewing another softie this year, we jumped immediately on the bandwagon. What a fun wagon it is too! Have you been following the month long blog hop of epic softie tutorial goodness? You must! You simply must! Here is the link for your viewing pleasure. While your there, read all about this wonderful initiative to get kids sewing! I applaud Trixi on her efforts as I highly value this skill and wish to pass the skill on to my kiddos!

For our submission this year we decided to try making a Gumball Machine Softie! It's super fun to squeeze, really easy to create and looks cool laying a round the house. What's even better? It's super soft! I'm hoping this fits all criteria for the initiative. My daughter and I really enjoyed stitching this together. Maybe you and your little one would enjoy a Gumball Machine Softie too?

Let's get on with it!