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Paper Plate Scallops

Paper plates seem to be the most ubiquitous crafting supply for younger kids. I get it. They are super versatile and inexpensive. Typically, I try to design crafts with recycled materials. I must admit however, there is a yearning that can only be satisfied by using one of these fairly common household products. So it was born, the Paper Plate Scallop.

Juju and I had a super great a morning making these together. We put on Disney Pandora, spread out some paper, dumped some paint and went nuts on a bunch of paper plates. It was altogether a great way to spend the morning! Check it out!


*9" Paper Plates

*Acrylic paint

*Foam brushes


*White pom poms


1. Place paper plate with bottom side up on your work surface.

2. Hold foam brush at an angle and paint over the plate. Do not get inside the groves. This gives the appearance of a scallop when complete!

3. Paint the center. Use different colors! Mix it up and have fun with it!

4. After the paint has dried, fold the paper plate in half and trace the template.

5. Cut out the scallop, cutting inside of the traced line.

6. Bend the scallop at the bottom to create a "hinge".

7. Glue on the white pom to create the scallop "meat".

8. Play!

Have a great day good people of the world!

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