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Cork Ships

Yesterday the kids and I went nuts. My daughter was a tyrannical dictator with her demands for more, more, more! I didn't mind because her demands surrounded around making these cork ships and they are super easy! And I KNOW you have wine corks around. I just know it.

These ships came about after a prompt by the Get Creative With crew over on Instagram. If you haven't checked them out, definitely do! The prompt was small world play. Sooo, we made a tiny ocean from bark and tiny ships! The kids LOVED it!

Let's get on with it!



*Serrated Knife

*Hot glue/gun

*Acrylic paint



1. Cut one cork into 5 sections.

2. Cut each section in half. Glue the "sail" to the "vessel".

3. Paint in desired colors! Repeat!

To make the ocean, find two pieces of bark. Paint the bark blue and add white on the rough parts to appear as white caps or turbulent waters. Glue the pieces of bark together, one slightly above the over. Rest your ships on the ocean "ledge".

To note, these ships are not balanced in a way that they can float upright in water. They are meant for imaginative water play.

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