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Lunch Bag Sleds

By now, you've probably realized, I don't always create fast crafts. In fact I believe pretty strongly about the notion of 'Slow Crafting' and the value therein. That is for another time though.

If ever I were to create a fast craft (there are a few so far), this would be it! It takes about 2 minutes to construct the sleds. Now decorating, which I hope we can all agree is the fun part, takes, well, as long as you want it too! The materials list is also quite minimal!

So let's get on with it!

Shall we?


*Paper lunch bags


*Paint brushes


*Beads (optional flare, but is it, really?)

*Hot glue/gun



1. Lay your bag down on your work surface with the bottom rectangle towards you. Cut two slits an inch or so from the outside edge. Glue the center piece up. This is the "back rest" of your sled.

2. Cut two slits down the back rest about 3/4 of the way down. This will be where you place the yarn.

3. Move to the front of the bag. Cut two long slits on either side of the bag, about an inch from the sides. Roll the middle portion up and glue it into place.

4. At this point you have the option to cut the sides of the bags to create a curved edge. Or fold the sides up and glue it to the curled front to create a sled ledge.