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Paper Plate Fish

The other day we made a Paper Plate Scallop. Today we made Paper Plate Fish. Now, there have been many a paper plate fish made in the history of crafting with paper plates. However, I've not seen one made that uses the scalloped edge of the fish as fins. Please correct me if I'm wrong! Either way, these are fun to make so let's get on with it!


*Paper plate

*Acrylic paint

*Paint brushes


*Black Sharpie (optional)


1. Print fish template and cut out.

2. Paint the inside of plate! Have fun with it! Go nuts!

3. After paint has dried, fold paper plate in half and place template in the middle. Trace around it. Cut out.

4. Add white and black to the eyes and create a mouth with either a sharpie or paint.

If you like these, check out our Paper Plate Scallops!

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