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Embroidery Hoop Apples

Here is my confession for the day: I just bought my first embroidery hoop two weeks ago. I have embroidered things in the past. I've simply just embroidered on clothes without a hoop. Since purchasing one (actually 5) I've discovered just how versatile these things are. I'm considering making all sorts of things that have nothing to do with embroidery. They are neat structural items that may show up a million times in the Brainy Beginnings Life Cycle. For now though, I've started with something simple and sweet; Embroidery Hoop Apples.


*Embroidery hoops

*Red yarn

*Green Felt


*Hot glue/gun



1. Tie a knot with the yarn around the inner hoop, below the wing nut.

2. Wrap yarn around the hoop, moving in different directions. Cover hoop to desired amount.

3. Cut leaves from green felt. Glue to the wing nut.

4. Glue a small stick behind the leaves.

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