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Mini Glass Gem Corn

Oh hey Autumn. I love you. You inspire me so with your rich colors, and your crisp air. I love that I can wear cardigans during your season and that I can wear a pair of jeans without sweating. Autumn, you treat me so right. Plus fancy corn, caramel apples and pumpkins are a thing during your time. Thank you Autumn.

Autumn gets especially fun when you combine recycling. Crafting + recycling + cardigan= an ethereal experience.

Since it's Autumn (or almost) here in the States, let's make some Mini Glass Gem Corn! You could use it as garland, in a basket on the table, as a cake topper... really so many possibilities!

Let's get on with it!


*Two egg cartons (one dozen each)


*Hot glue/gun

*Mini pom poms

*Corrugated cardboard


1. Cut out the pointed section of the egg cartons on one of your boxes. You will have five. Cut down as far as possible to create the longest point possible.

2. Fold this piece flat and cut off the rough edges at the top.

3. Cut the bottom of the second egg carton where the package cradles the egg. Glue it to the piece above.