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Star Words

We are all sick. But it's Autumn, so we will fight through the sickness with our eye on the fall prize: lattes and scarves. Meanwhile, we are plugging along on our homeschooling journey. Today we also talked about phonics, and outer space among other things. That's when it hit me. Let's combine the lessons of the day as succinctly as possible. Star Words was born.

This is super easy to set up and, according to my 5 year old, really fun! She's been wanting to "play" spelling for quite a while now. I can't be mad about that, even with my seasonal illness.


*Black card stock

*Sharpie Paint pen (Gold or white)


1. Draw dots and connect them. I connected no more than 4 as we are not ready for longer words. Alternately, let your child draw the constellations. Juju's constellation board was pretty rad altogether.

2. Punch out stars.

3. Either write one letter of the alphabet on each star or have your child do so. You may need multiples of each letter. Place a small dot on the top of the star to determine the orientation of the letter. Without doing so, some letters become easily confused.

4. Ask your child to spell words. Have fun!

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