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Hosta Pumpkins

Sunday I was wearing a cardigan, in the garden, and on a comfy chair. It was the ethereal moment I've come to expect from a fetching fall day. While I lay there drifting into the wilderness of my imagination, I focused on the growth pattern of the Hosta leaf. The veins of the leaf stood prominently before me. It was if they were calling me to resurrect the shell of a once vibrant leaf into something new. Pumpkins, I thought! These make great pumpkins!

You feel me? They manage to look like the identical twin of the pumpkin. The kids and I (welll, mostly me) are stoked! We even made some garland from it.

What do you think? Do you have any dying Hostas? Will you make some pumpkins? Tell me all about it!


*Hosta Leaves

*Pumpkin cookie cutter

*Acrylic paint

*Paint brushes


1. Place cookie cutter on Hosta leaf and press down hard. Wiggle it a bit side to side.

2. Remove leaf from cutter and use scissors to remove any unwanted pieces.

3. Paint the lower half. Leave the stem green.

4. Go nuts!

Check out the black pumpkins my son made:

So emo.

Have a great day good people of the world!

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