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Upcycled Rain Boot Planters

Children's Museum of Arts (CMA) in NYC is celebrating its 30th anniversary by hosting a year long event called CIVICKIDS. CMA has put out the call to children of the world to participate in monthly challenges "rooted in the belief that art builds empathy, understanding, and respect for others...". Children are encouraged to upload their pieces through social media. The pieces, when tagged with #CMACIVICKIDS, will be available for worldwide viewing!

We were contacted by CMA to be a partner in the CIVICKIDS event and could not be more thrilled about it! Here at Brainy Beginnings Network, we champion the principle themes of civic engagement as defined by CMA, "including leadership, sustainability, kindness, and freedom".

October's theme is environmentalism with the challenge being 'Unusual Upcycled Planters'.

The kids and I set out to consider what we could use to create our planters that would have a positive effect on the environment, be functional and well, let's face it, be cute. We like cute, what can we say? Once we found these old pair of rain boots, we knew, it had to be these!

Now, typically we would gift a pair of now-too-small shoes