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Nature Bits Collage

If you've been following along on our adventures, you will undoubtedly know, we love nature. We take nature walks often. On our walks we like to make observations about the natural world, collect nature's treasures and generally marvel at the landscape. We've collected so many nature bits and bobs that we decided to create a collage. I was thinking of going all Louise Nevelson on it but then realized the kids much prefer allllll the colors vs a monochromatic theme.

One day! One day I'll create a Lousie Nevelson project! Mark my words!

I really fell in love with these after the kids created them. And true to kids natural artistic instincts, they created something incredibly fabulous!


*Nature Bits


*Hot glue

*Acrylic paint



*Cut a piece of cardboard to your desired size.

*Hot glue your nature bits in place.


You can remove the hot glue "hairs" or leave them for even more texture! Let the kiddos have completely free reign here. They will create a magical piece that you can keep for a very long time.

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