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Leaf Revive Art

Just the day before, I had collected the dying brown leaves on the front porch. I had traveled down a Georgia O'Keeffe rabbit hole and considered doing an ode to her. In the blink of an eye however, autumn turned into winter. We got pummeled with 5 inches in a totally unexpected November snow. I loved it but missed the colors of fall just there one day before. What we did, was not so much representative of Georgia O'Keeffe but rather a revitalization of some lifeless leaves. And as an ode to the color that once filled the trees.

The leaves are brown and dying no more!

These turned out really pretty. I especially like the leaves against the black paper. The pop of color is refreshing. It, frankly, makes me happy.

Maybe it will make you happy too?


*Black card stock

*Pink, Turquoise, Dark Blue, Bright Yellow Acrylic paint

*Brown, sad leaves

*Paint brushes

*School glue or hot glue

*Mod Podge (optional)


1. Discover brown leaves.

2. Paint them in all sorts of bright happy colors!

Look how happy!

3. Let dry.

4. Glue to black card stock.

5. (Optional) Cover in Mod Podge to prolong the happy.

Enjoy your Leaf Revive Art!

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