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Swan Ornaments

Did you know I have a thing with egg cartons? They sit on my counter asking me to configure them in as many possible ways as I can. They are like puzzles, only more exciting! So far we've made Dancing Fish, a Totem Pole, a Quartz Vase, a Venus Fly Trap and a bunch more! Check it all out!

Since it's nearly the month of Christmas, we decided to go with something well, Christmas-y! Nothing says Christmas like an ornament. Also, swans. They are decidedly Christmas, right?

What do you think? I think they would look really quite lovely on a tree. I don't have my Christmas tree up yet or I'd show you. BUT! I did snip some of my Cypress bush to give you (myself) a taste.

I think it's time we got on with it.


*Egg cartons (The rounder bottom types)

*White, orange, black acrylic paint


*Glitter (optional and biodegradable if possible)

*Hot glue


*White piping ribbon or other desired ribbon


1. Cut six bottoms of the egg carton out. (6 per swan)

2. Begin to build the swan body by gluing one bottom on top of the other at a slight angle toward the front of the body. Continue until 4 have been glued together. You can add a cut down the center of the top piece if you would like the wings to be out a bit.