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Paper Roll Ornaments

It's #Craftmas friends! I am so, so excited to join 24 makers from around the globe to bring you a collection of super diverse holiday crafts! So far there have been tiny walnut ornaments from The Art Garden Blog, a Peace and Love wreath from Barley and Birch, beautiful and colorful trees from The Blue Barn and Little Button Diaries, adorable penguin pom poms from Red Ted Art and reindeer gift jars from Hello, Wonderful! Head to Instagram and follow the #Craftmas hastag to see all of the wonderful ideas! You'll also find ideas from Art Camp, Raising Kinley, Mini Makers Studio, Left Brain Craft Brain, Hidden Egg, Julie Curtain, Make it Your Own, Momma Teaching, Oh Creative Day, Creating Creatives, Heart Artlife, Hatch Art Studio, Handy With Scissors,Teach Investigate Play and Julia Lindsteadt! So many makers, so little time!

We decided to take the lowly yet highly versatile paper toilet roll and turn it into a festive ornament! For me, the shape is just so great. I happened upon this idea one day by simply unraveling a toilet roll. I realized if I glued three of them together, they'd make the coolest diamond shape! I'm pretty sure we will make a few of these every year. Eventually, we will have enough to cover an entire tree! SQUEEE!

I've never been a big pastel color fan but I think these in all the pastel shades on a white tree would be absolutely divine! In fact, my heart is beginning to open up to pastels and I may have to realize this dream next year. For now though, I went bold and traditional! Check out Juju's version!

What a great color combo, eh? She's very excited to hang this in her room for the holidays.

Would you fancy making some of your own? Let's get on with it!


*Three toilet rolls (per ornament)

*Acrylic paint


*Yarn for pom poms or tassels

*Fishing line or ornament hook

*Large needle

*Hot glue/gun

*Glitter (Optional)


1. Unravel the paper roll along the given seam. Not all toilet rolls are created equal! Some do not unravel in a diamond shape. Those won't work for this project. It's also best to use the same brand for all the rolls. That will ensure they fit together well.

2. Cut off any rough edges.

3. Hot glue two rolls together with seams facing in.

4. Should you have a lip such as above, trim it off. Glue all edges together.

5. Open the two pieces and glue the third roll into it.

6. Trim off any excess hot glue.

7. Paint! Get super creative here! Take your time or get messy and play with paint. You could do so, so many things with these!

8. Once dry, make or buy pom poms/tassels. Use glue to attach or a large needle and yarn.

9. Use fishing wire or an ornament hook to hang. Simply thread a needle with the wire, sew through and make a knot.

Step back, admire your awesome, earth friendly, and inexpensive ornaments!

Happy Craftmas friends! Have a wonderful holiday! Be sure to check out Instagram for more Craftmas goodness!

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