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Heart Fan

It's getting hot in take off...just kidding. That's not what I'm here to discuss with you today. However, if we are on the subject of getting hot, let's do discuss this nifty little idea to cool your favorite Valentine. Behold friends, the Heart Fan. This apparatus is totally open ended and invariably results in something unique, not to mention functional! They SLIDE OPEN to create a delightful heart shaped fan!

Let's get started!




*Acrylic paints

*Paint brushes


*Doodads (sequins, tape, pom poms, whatever you like!)



1. Print Heart Fan Template. Cut out around the LARGEST heart.

2. Lay template on cardboard and trace. Now cut off the largest heart from the template until you have the next size heart template.

3. Trace around the next size heart. Repeat step 2 until you have traced around the SMALLEST heart.

4. Cut out all the hearts.

Now for the fun part!

5. DECORATE! Paint, tape, glue... go nuts! Just remember: the fan slides over itself so only apply chunky things to the top!

6. Once hearts have dried, stack hearts in order from largest to smallest with the heart points lined up.

7. Use a pin to create a starter hole through the hearts. Place a brad through them. Open and secure brad.

8. Optional: Create a tassel for the fan with yarn. String through the 2nd and 3rd heart, over the brad.

Gift your creation to your greatest fan! Happy Valentine's Day good people of the world!

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