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Egg Carton Rings

Juju loves jewelry. I have no idea where she got that from. <Scans the room for knowing eyes> Well OK, yes, it's me. I love jewelry. What can I say. Though, since becoming a mother some six years ago, I've worn less and less jewelry every year. That is a sad thing to admit, I'll agree. But simplifying life is essential with little ones. And sometimes getting dressed with even just clothes is hard enough. Less jewelry it is.

Now when it comes to making art, we've certainly ramped up. The mess, the discoveries, the end results all provide with us with a deeply enriching experience. Creating is something we will simply never pare back on. Today we combined two things Juliette and I both love: jewelry and art. Throw in some recycling, designing, and togetherness; we have ourselves a winning combination. Behold the Egg Carton Ring!

These are super easy ! Read on!


*Egg carton

*Acrylic paint

*Hot glue/gun



*Poms, googly eyes, gems, doodads, etc (to embellish rings)


1. Cut out the center portion of the egg carton.

2. Cut each piece apart, in between the high points.

3. Draw a half circle on the opposite sides of each piece. This will be the area for your finger. Be sure to round it out enough to be comfortable.

4. Cut out the areas underneath the half circle. Use scissors to form strips on the other sides.

5. Carefully bend the strips under and glue together to the desired size. You need to be gentle or the sides might break. Once the paint is applied, it will be much more durable.

6. Now paint and embellish as desired! You could wrap yarn around them, add gems, biodegradable glitter, so on and so forth!

What do you think? Give it a go! Tag us on Instagram! Can't wait to see!

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