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Paper Plate Pelicans

Say that five times fast.

Go ahead. Try. It's kinda fun.

We made some Paper Plate Pelicans! I designed the Paper Plate Pelican about seven months ago and stuck it to my fridge. I finally got inspired to use these for teaching and because the #getcreativewith crew over on Instagram is having a paper plate challenge! And naturally, after the Under Sea party , the one pelican on my fridge looked lonely.

These are easy, fun and only require one 9 inch plate per pelican! We used watercolors to create a fluid design. I just thought that would look neat on the pelicans but you could use acrylics, Kwix Sticks, pastels...the list goes on!


*9 inch paper plate




*Paint brushes


1. Print and cut out both templates.

2. Place the round edge of the template along the outside of the paper plate. Trace around the template. Cut it out.

3. Now cut out the wing from the large portion left on the plate. Once again, line up the curved outer edge of the wing template and plate.

4. Paint the beak orange! We used both Kwix Sticks and watercolors to do this.

5. Paint! <Favorite saying incoming> GO nuts! Color mix, play with concentration of color and water, add designs, loads of options!

This is a great activity for homeschooling kiddos doing a nature study or art class. The paper plate pelican is useful for many tings! Tell me how you would use it!

*Wix does not support all browsers. If you are having trouble viewing the templates, please swtich to Google Chrome. Thank you.

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