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Paper Roll Carrots

Last week, at this time, I was driving through the Swiss Alps for the very first time. It was vividly sunny and pleasantly cool. In other words, last week at this time, I was living in a fairy tale. It was the most magical of fairy tales set in the snow covered Alps. Between the crisp fresh air, sun filled days and dramatic vistas, my mind was left to dream big Swiss dreams. Were the hills alive? Indeed they seemed to be.

The memories we formed will last a life time and I will be forever grateful for them. Fast forward one week and I'm just now recovering from the jet lag. I'm happy to report I left myself a little project to complete upon return. Though my mind is likely to remain, at least partially, in the Alps, I have several ideas for spring that I am completely excited to share with you!

One of them is these Paper Roll carrots! They are SUPER easy! All you need is paper rolls, orange paint, yarn and poms. You can put little bags of candy in them or place them in a basket as a decoration! They would even make a cool wreath! (More on that later!)

Let's get on with it, shall we?

Fill these little guys with candy (you can use a little baggie if desired) and place the carrot "top" back in! You could hide these around the house on Easter or place them in a basket for decoration! These can be saved and reused every year! Let the kids create their own carrots using fun colors! Add little doodads for extra oomph!


*Paper rolls

*Green yarn

*Medium pom poms

*Glue gun/glue

*Brown marker


1. Fold the end of the roll in to create a point. Glue the sides down.

2. Cut down both sides about one inch to create the rounded portion. Fold the sides over onto themselves to make the top smaller and appear rounded, like a carrot top. Glue the sides down. Paint orange.

3. To make the carrot top tassel, use a large container such as a glass jar to wrap the yarn around multiple times. Slide the yarn off and tie one end, forming a ball about the size of the pom. Place the pom inside the end, disperse the yarn around the pom to cover it. Cut the other end where the loop is to create a tassel. Shape as desired with scissors.

4. Once the paint has dried on the carrot, use the brown marker to create carrot lines. Stuff your carrots full of candy, place the top in and hide them for the the kiddos to find on Easter morning! No more plastic eggs! Good for you, your kids and the environment!

Have a wonderful spring!

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