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Acorn Dolls

After making these Acorn Dolls, I'm very seriously considering the manner in which one could create an adult skirt made of Rose of Sharon, Echinacea, and Day lilies. The form, color, flounce factor... have me verklempt. Let's not stop there, would you look at those sepal collars? Someone one stop me from spending all of my nonexistent time on creating life sized version of these outfits. Please?

After spending time in the garden with Juju, we dissected the flowers into multiple parts including the sepal, pistil, and petals. I was absolutely delighted to see my daughter work through these dolls. She, at one point exclaimed, "this is gonna be the best day ever!" There is just nothing like hearing your kiddo say that. She enjoyed this process so much that we made a bunch of them! Then she went on to create a ninja acorn doll to protect these sweet n' fancy ladies. Pretty great morning all together.

Essentially, this activity is an invitation to create. It's super easy and really very relaxing. Head to the garden, pick some leaves, flowers and stems or anything else that tickles you. Lay out the garden finds next to the doll "bodies" and let the kiddos create!


1. Skewers

2. Acorns

3. Hot glue/gun

4. Garden finds


1. Push the sharp end of the skewer into the acorn.

2. Start adding petals, sepals, pistils and the like to create a beautiful Acorn Doll! Use a very small amount of hot glue to affix each piece.

I'm totally stoked by my daughter's use of Rose of Sharon pistils for her dolls headpiece. She basically killed me with that move.

We ended up throwing them into a jar. They look pretty cute all bundled up there, eh?

Until next time, good buddies! Please share far and wide!


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