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Cardboard Root Vegetables

A massive inspiration for us here at the Brainy HQ guessed it, nature! Watching the garden unfurl is absolutely riveting! The blossoms seamlessly converting from soft petals to plump fruit is nothing short of incredible. And that is only what we see above ground! Root vegetables are equally marvelous! With their vibrant colors, dense minerals and coarse textures, they are just so fun to dig or pluck from the Earth! Have you gardened root vegetables?

In the kitchen, after taking some time to discuss root vegetables with my kiddos, we settled on cardboard for our crafty fun. We thought it would be fun to add the roots to the vegetables. It had to be yarn! They turned out pretty swell. I'm 100 percent certain the kids will not forget our discussions regarding root veggies. (Score one for the "secret schooling" of my children.)






Yarn in green and white



1.Use a pencil to draw a rough shape of a carrot, parsnip, turnip and radish(s) on your cardboard. Cut them out. You could make potatoes or beets too!

For the radishes, we simply made circles and added a triangle.

2. Paint your veg!

3. Cut out green yarn for the vegetable tops. Glue them on. Use white yarn to create the roots! Once the yarn is dried into place, shape it as desired. Have fun!

Have a wonderful day! xx


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