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Collected Stick Wreath

Here at the HQ, we thoroughly enjoy a good collaborative family effort. From cleaning to making, I enlist the children as much as possible. HOWEVER. There are times that I simply want to create alone. I want to let my mind rest, allow myself the freedom from instruction and just explore a project single handedly. That is precisely what I did with this piece.

Creating a piece like this does not require much skill or talent. And that is great. This is more of a therapeutic piece. Sit; Alone. Grab your cup of coffee, sticks and paint and just go for it. I'm convinced this would look good no matter what you do to it. Simply add lines, dots, or triangles. Try using small objects from around your house to stamp on the sticks! This is a time to create without the idea of perfection. Take the time you need, mama. Enjoy the process of creating something homemade!



*Acrylic paint in your favorite colors plus white

*Paint brushes

*Corrugated cardboard

*Hot glue/gun