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Dandy Lions

Spring is upon us and we are so thankful. The peach trees look stunning, the pears are not far behind. Despite the gloom of Covid in the air, there is a certain buzz of spring. This gives us hope for growth; hope for change and wellness restored. We know we will see brighter days. In the meantime, we will create with abandon!

Dandelion crafts abound during the spring crating season. We thought we would try our hand at it after being inspired by the artist, Holly Hatam. I stumbled across her print entitled, Dande"Lion" while perusing Pinterest one evening. Find more about Holly Hatam here.

Check it out this piece!

How absolutely fabulous is this piece? Looking at this instantly reminded me of the yellow cupcakes liners we had up in the cabinet. I knew what we had to do! Que the paper, glue and markers!


*Yellow cupcake liners


*Construction paper in blue and green

*Glue stick


1. Draw vertical lines on your paper using your markers.

2. Apply glue to the back portion of your cupcake liner. Leave a ring around the outside unglued. This will allow the liner to pop up, giving it dimension.

3. Cut out a circle from your orange or yellow paper to become the lion's face inside of the cupcake liner. Glue on.

4. Draw on the lion's face. Use Holly Hatam's piece for inspiration!

5. Cut leaves from the green paper. Glue on.


We love these! We need to make at least 1 million before the season is up!

What do you think? Will you try? Tag #brainybeginningsnetwork if you do!

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