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Easy Paper Projects

From paper bowties to whimsical standing sheep, Maggy Woodley has crafted a book that is a delight for young audiences! Maggy is the head brain at Red Ted Art, a website dedicated to easy crafts for kids. Her latest book, Easy Paper Projects, demonstrates just how versatile paper as a crafting medium can be. What's more, her images are eye catching and her instructions are simple. Basically, Maggy is amazing.

We decided to give one of Maggy's craft a go. After perusing the pages, Juju and I decided on the Cloud Brooch. The materials list was easily attainable and the instructions were quite clear. We certainly deviated, if only slightly, from the original idea by adding half a cupcake liner instead of paper scraps for the rainbow bit. (But what is crafting if you can't put your own spin on it?)

Working through this craft was very simple. The instructions, materials and tools list were clearly written and easy to follow. In fact, my early reader was able to work through most of it by herself! What's more the images are bright, organized and aid in completing the craft without issue.

Juliette and I loved making this brooch! We are absolutely delighted with the way it turned out. What do you think?

Grab your copy of Maggy Woodley's book here! Be sure to share this on social media! Your friends deserve to know about this awesome book.


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