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Floral Unicorns

Creating with floral bits has become a clear favorite in our household. And why not? It seems adding flowers to nearly anything makes it look gorgeous or at the very least, better. Now consider all the potential things you can create with cardboard and flower bits! Like our Cardboard Birds! Or these Floral Unicorns below! So many ideas, so little time.

Today we busted out the cardboard and our wilting CSA bouquet. After using the bits we could in the flower press, I let my daughter pick colorful pieces to create her stunning unicorn mane. She loved this activity so much, she wrote a little ode to it. It was quite (amusing) touching.

Ready to get started on your own Floral Unicorn?



Box cutter



Optional: Contact paper


1. Cut out square pieces of cardboard.

2. Loosely draw a unicorn on one side of the cardboard. Consider making the mane look wavy or flowy by adding curls at the top.

Be sure to draw a nice and pointy horn!

3. Use your box cutter to remove the mane and horn portion of the unicorn. Leave the body of the unicorn.

4. Trace the lines of the hair, horn and body with marker.

5. Optional: Add contact paper to the back.

6. Use flowers, stems, green bits, or any other nature bit to create the mane and horn.

Admire your majestic beast!

Have the best day!

Mary Alice xx


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