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Gingko Leaf Luna Moths

Guys! I've been pressing flowers lately! Like with an official flower press and all! In the throes of excitement, I *may* have pulled the flowers a wee bit early. I don't care! My hasty decision to withdrawal the flowers from the press has left me in the ogle zone; incessantly gazing at the wonder of a preserved flower. I am especially fond of the pressed ferns and Gingko leaves. The green color of the leaves is familiar and soothing. It's like looking at the person who has cared for you since birth.

Whilst lovingly caressing and staring deeply into my Gingko leaves, it occurred to me they look like Luna moths! The curvature of the leaves are very similar to those of the moth's wings. Curiously, the stems of the leaves resembled the lower hindwing tails! When the leaves are turned stem side up, they resemble the antennae! (Though, I ultimately opted to go with tiny ferns for the antennae).


Gingko leaves (4 per moth)

Large white buds

Small blue/purple petals

Small white buds or petals you can cut down to small circles

Small dark stems or tiny twigs