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Haunted Village

It's very nearly October. Can I bust out all things Halloween/spooky inspired now? I'm going with yes. Though I wouldn't say this Haunted Village is firmly seated in the spooky realm. They are certainly much more cute than spooky and I think we can all agree, cute is preferred to spooky when it comes to children's crafting? The ayes have it!

Let's get on with it!

This village was an impromptu activity to keep five children from eating the entire cupboard or each other. Or worse, me. Do they ever stop eating? (Don't answer that.) Whilst watching these RAVENOUS, ahem, wonderful children, I remembered a printable I had made sometime last year. AHA! The time had come to pull this gem out and go to town...budapump.

This activity lead to about an hour of crafty fun. I'll take it! Plus it was an easy setup. Rummage through that recycling. It's time to get crafty. Read on!


1. Cereal boxes (1 box= 2 houses)

3. Scissors

4. Crayons, markers, Kwik Sticks, colored pencils, etc.

5. Glue stick


1. Print off the Haunted House Printable. One per house.

2. Color and cut out the shapes.

3. Cut open one side of the cereal box and lay it flat on the table with the logo side up. Draw a house shape on each large flap. Think high and pointed roof lines, curvy whimsical chimneys... so many different shapes work here. Check out our houses for inspiration!

4. Glue on the windows, doors, bats, candles, pumpkins, and mummy!

5. Set up your houses together in a village for a fun and "spooky" effect! :)

We hope you enjoy this not so spooky Haunted Village! Please tag us with #brainybeginningsnetwork on all the socials! Have a great day good people of the world!


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