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Honeynut Squash Turkeys

Grocery shopping with a friend is interesting. I've found that often times, I'm introduced to new things I may not otherwise pay attention to. For example, take these itty bitty, super cut mini squash! They are called Honeynut Squash and they are so, so cute! I've not had the chance to taste one but rumor has it, they are delicious! Apparently, they are a more concentrated version of the Butternut Squash, with a more intense sweet flavor. They also make a nice, kid sized turkey craft. Behold!

Whilst my friend was out and I was watching her kiddos, I stole her squash. (Full disclosure, I did text her with my squash crafting request and the promise of returning the sweet, lil squash to her at a later date.) She declined. What a lovely woman.

Some things, I like about this craft are A) it's collaborative and B) is still easy. While there are points that require adult interaction (namely for the 7 and under crowd), it's pretty easy to complete without. This could be completed single handedly by older children, but why. Aren't holiday projects all about togetherness? No? Well, they should be.


*Honeynut Squash

*Cereal Box


*Construction paper


*Paint, Kwik sticks, markers, doodads, washi tape, poms, or whatever you decide a turkey feather should be adorned with!


1. Use the back side of the cereal box to draw a basic feather shape. Cut out the feathers.

2. Color and decorate the blank side as desired!

3. Create feathers from paper to mix in with the cardboard feathers. Do so by folding a strip of paper in half and cutting out a crude feather shape.

4. Layer the feathers, taping each layer as you go. Tape the backside as well.

5. With your push pins, apply the feathers to the back of the squash. Use two per squash.

6. Glue on googly eyes and a paper beak. (A simple triangle.)

So, what are your thoughts on this teeny lil squash? Are you going to try it for either eating, crafting, or both? Either way, I hope you and your family enjoy the experience together!

Happy Holidays good friends!


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