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Horsehead Nebula Art

Last week in homeschool group, we went deep into space! One thing we discovered during our intergalactic pursuit is the Horsehead Nebula! Are you familiar with the fascinating gaseous equine bust in the sky? It appears to be rearing its head into a puff of pink and purple swirls. It's the coolest thing! We were immediately taken by this neat phenomenon. Check it out!

The Horsehead Nebula is a apart of the constellation Orion. The emerging horse head resides in Orion Molecular Cloud Complex and is essentaily a cloud of dust and gas. It is a striking image and can be replicated fairly easily. We even had the smallest member of the homeschool group (coming in at 2 yrs of age) involved in the artistic process. This is a project for all ages and all abilities!

Check out the real Horsehead Nebula:

Ready to make your own? Let's go for it!


*Black construction paper

*White, pink, purple, magenta acrylic paint

*Sponges or foam brushes

*Hard bristle piant brush


2. Place template on the black construction paper in the middle of the paper.

3. Apply paint around the template, using different colors. Avoid putting paint all the way around the template. This gives the illusion of the head emerging, much like the actual nebula!

4. Use the bristle brush to create stars. Do this by dipping the brush in white paint and pulling your pointer finger or thumb over the brush. This will create a splatter effect. If you want to reduce the number of stars on the page or give a greater depth to the picture, use the sponges to blot out some white. It's really neat looking!

That's it! Now let your piece dry and hang it in a place where everyone can see!

Happy New Year, good people of the world!


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