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Hot Chocolate Pop Art

Color, contrast and simple shapes make this craft a great lesson on pop art! Think Warhol meets your favorite, foaming hot beverage. In this case, it's hot chocolate. Hot chocolate was a favorite among the Mayan people. It's not hard to see why. It's the perfect medium for coffee, peanut butter, and turmeric (Yes, turmeric.) Now add cayenne pepper, black pepper, ginger and cinnamon. OMG! I've been drinking my hot chocolate like this for a month and it is SO GOOD. It's also really good for you! I'm so excited by this beverage that we made art to honor it.

Ok, so TBH, this had nothing to do with my favorite evening libation. Though I may drink hot chocolate every single night, this art was much more about using cotton balls to make marshmallows. It's cute! And they are fun to add! Scratch that. The entire thing is fun to make! But don't take my word for it, ask my 8 year old daughter who is now knowledgeable about Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, contrasting colors and the term 'Pop Art'. Score.



Cardstock in 4 bright fun, contrasting colors plus white


Glue stick

Cotton balls



1. Cut a piece of cardboard to your size and shape preference.

2. Use two of the pieces of paper to create your mug. Use your pencil to draw the shape of the mug on one side of your paper. Think upside down 'C'. Add a base, make it wider at the top or taper it inward. This is entirely up to you!

3. Lay both colors on top of each other and cut out the mug drawling.

4. Take one of the mugs and cut it into strips. Glue half of those strips onto the other mug.

5. Use the same two colors to create a handle. Overlap them slightly, leaving each color exposed. Glue them together and on to the mug. Set aside.

6. Create the background of your art. Grab the other two piece of paper and fold them in half. Now fold them in half the other direction. Cut along the creases to create four rectangular pieces from one sheet of paper. You should have 8 total pieces at this point.

7. Cut each piece on the diagonal from corner to corner.

8. Alternating colors, glue them onto the cardboard backing. Be sure each piece comes to the center and covers the cardboard entirely. You may need to lay the pieces in different directions as you go. Continue around the cardboard until you have covered it. Turn the piece over and trim the excess paper from the cardboard.

9. Glue the mug to the middle of the paper. Use the white paper to create undulating melted marshmallow goo. Glue on to the top of the mug.

10. Use white glue or hot glue to add the fluffy marshmallows! Make several pieces, using different colors each time! Enjoy the collection!

What is your favorite hot beverage?

Mary Alice xx


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