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Kusama Inspired Pumpkins

It was midnight in the pumpkin patch. The air curled around my bare feet with a feline-like flexibility. Rich memories surfaced as though eager to emerge from the previous year. The sky was twinkling with stars. The smell of the changing soil was fragrant and sweet. The beginning of a new season, I mused, reaching down to inspect the growth of my largest pumpkin. She was a beautiful Cinderella pumpkin in muted tones of orange. With one quick snap of the vine, I removed the abundant pumpkin. It was midnight, on the first cool night of the season. This was a moment wherein coincidences aligned into a fresh reality. The new season had arrived. And I was ready.

Now that my brain has gone FULL FALL, it's on. I'm keeping in touch with my inner most Basic Girl. It's pumpkin, bats, skeletons and sweaters from here on out. Please bear with me as I stumble gleefully down this cozy cardigan filled hole.

Meanwhile, back at the Brainy HQ...

We got these super awesome pumpkins from Woodpeckers Crafts! The kiddos and I turned the pumpkins into a fun collaborative project based on Yayoi Kusama. After achieving a fully immersive finger to chest then body paint experience, we ended up with a delightful orange pumpkin! What's more? Our table is now orange. Quite befitting the seasonal change.


Acrylic paint


Various utensils, objects with a round base to stamp with

Glue gun


1. Paint your Woodpeckers Craft pumpkins with your chosen base paint color.

2. Use a large round object to stamp the biggest dots on your pumpkins. Look at this piece from Yayoi Kusama for inspiration:

3. Use a smaller object with a round base to create the smaller dots. Try using a small dowel for the tiniest dots. Have fun with this project! As usual, do not aim for perfection or an ideal. Just go with where the dots take you! Put on your fave music, grab the tea and go for it. In the end, you will love what you made! These Woodpeckers Craft pumpkins really are cool!

Have a great day! Mary Alice xx


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