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Maple Leaf Bats

Hello from Greensboro, North Carolina, where the trees are just beginning to change! We are hanging out with family and enjoying the, fortunately, cool air that NC is providing at the moment. We've got cousins to play with, aunties to kiss and a Grandma to hug. We have also been crafting! My sister set up a new art cart and you KNOW we had to dive in. I took a quick walk through her backyard, searching for nature materials and found a Maple tree! Commence crafting of our Maple Leaf Bats!

These guys were a completely impromptu craft. I enjoy that type of craft because it typically involves very little prep, materials or time! You likely have every thing you need to make these! Head out on a nature walk, identify the Maple tree (sneaky botany lesson thrown in here, free of charge), pick a few leaves and get the paint going!


*Maple Leaves

*Black, white and desired colors of acrylic paint

*Foam brushes


*Small wooden dowel or flat, round object to create eyes


*Googly eyes and glue

*White sharpie marker (or you can just use the white paint!)


1. Bend the stem, leaving one side slightly longer. Tape the longer side to the back of the leaf. These are your bat limbs! This also makes it easy to hang upside down! Paint black.

2. Once the paint has dried, paint the body of the bat, leaving the top and side portions black.

3. Add a white circle using a small wooden dowel. Put a dot of black in it to create eyes. Paint on the fangs and a smile using a white paint sharpie or white paint.

4. Hang your bats upside down in a fun place!

Happy Halloween good people of the world! Please check out all of our spooky-fun #halloween ideas!


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