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Paint Chip City

Oh, the paint chip aisle. It is simply the best part of any hardware store. (Second only to the light fixture aisle.) The myriad of colors, strategically placed to undulate from warm to cool tones just...does...something. All that gorgeous color illuminates my mind with endless creative possibilities. Instantly, I think of ways to change my environment, redo a piece of furniture or add life to a dull toy. But more than the potential for paint, the paint chip aisle offers an artistic outlet in other ways.

As it turns out an entire cityscape can be made with paint chips! The pointy ones make fabulous lil roofs and the peek through windows on the paint chips can be cut to make windows! This is an easy craft any child with scissors skills can do!


*Paint Chips



*Construction paper or cardstock

*Optional- Paper punch


1. Lay your houses out on your paper. Try overlapping them and placing them at different heights. Go beyond the edge of the paper too. Later you will trim off the excess.

2. Cut out the windows, doors, gables, etc. Punch out the stars, sun...cut out a moon.

3. Glue each component (windows, doors) of the house on. Glue the houses on to the paper.

4. Flip the paper over and trim off the overage. Viola!

Enjoy your beautiful creations! Thanks for stopping by! Tag #brainybeginningsnetwork so we can see!

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