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Paper Roll Giraffe

We are joining the Start Creative Studio #ArtTheAlphabet challenge this week! Guess what letter we are playing around with? No, not 'P'...whomp. It's the letter 'G'! Our first installment for the letter G is this pretty darn cute Giraffe. We thought it might be fun to use paper rolls, cut into rings to create the giraffe's' distinct pattern. What makes the project even more fun? Stuffing colorful felted balls into the rings!

You don't have to use felted balls for this project. Try using beans, or marbles to fill in the rings! You could use rice or any number of things you may have around the house. Also try to remember that there is no pressure to make a beautiful or otherwise nice looking giraffe. Your small kiddos won't care! They will simply love the idea that you made it and that they can play with it! Try to enjoy the process!


Mustard colored cardstock (12x12) or thick construction paper



Hot glue/gun

Felted balls


Paper rolls


1. Lightly trace a giraffe shape with your pencil. The most important feature is the neck. Try to make that the largest part of the drawing. Look for inspiration on the internet or look at our drawing. Remember: this is about having fun, not achieving perfection.

2. When you have settled on a giraffe that you appreciate, trace over the pencil draft with pen or sharpie.

3. Cut rings from paper rolls.

4. Glue them on the neck.

5. Release the giraffe into your kiddos hands with alllll the felted balls! Allow them to stuff and play galore.

Have a most wonderful day!

Mary Alice xx


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