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Party Chickens Softies

Every year, we have the utmost pleasure creating a softie for Trixi Symonds' Sew A Softie campaign. Trixi Symonds is the brilliant woman behind this initiative created to inspire a love of sewing in children. You can find more information about the Sew A Softie campaign here. Learning to sew was incredibly empowering for me. I had trouble finding clothes that fit well as an adolescent. Being able to sew gave me great freedom. I sewed most of my own clothing. If I can pass this skill on to my children, I know that they too will find an important level of self sufficiency.

Now on to things of a more silly nature...PARTY CHICKENS. These Party Chickens were sooo fun to make! They provided me with an opportunity to teach my daughter how to use our sewing machine too! Juju and I have done hand stitching previously but I've been reluctant to bring out the machine. Now that she is a bit older, we went for it. She did amazing! Yet another example of how children are far more capable than we often give them credit for.

Check out her bird! I love the colors and the fabrics she chose! <Proud mama moment>


Fabric of your choice



Embroidery thread



Optional: Sewing Machine


1. Print your templates. Cut them out.

2. Fold your fabric over itself to create two pieces once the pattern is cut out.

3. Pin your template onto your doubled fabric. Cut out each piece.

4. Separate all pieces. Pin the wings on the right side of the bodies, lining up the upper corners of the wing and body. Use your sewing machine or hand sew the wings in place. Leave an opening where the head will be.

5. Cut the loose strings. Lightly stuff the wings.

6. Pin the head to the body, covering the opening of the wing. Machine or hand stitch the head on. Repeat this process on the other wing. Be sure to sew the head in the same place on the other wing.

7. Pin the tail feathers to the back of each body. Be sure to place them in the same spot on each side. Hand stitch or sew the feathers on.

I have intentionally left the head and tail feathers on the outside and unhemmed. This adds to the rustic look of the birds. You could sew them on the inside of the bird if you would like a more polished look.

8. Pin the right sides of the bird together. Sew the two sides together. Be sure to leave about 2.5 inches open so that you can turn the bird out.

9. Turn your bird out to the right side. Stuff the bird with Poly-fil. Stitch the opening closed.

10. For additional charm, hand stich around the entire outside of the bird with embroidery thread. When you come to the beak, loop stitch around it. This will define the beak. Add an eye by pulling your embroidery thread through and making a knot. Pass the needle back and front multiple times and finish with a knot.

TA-DA!! You have made your very own Party Chicken! Now, what will you name it? Tell me every thing! Tag your makes with #Brainybeginnigsnetwork so we can see!

Have a wonderful day! xx


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