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Pipe Cleaner Ghosts

Sometimes, there is just no time. Lately, it seems to be that way. Though, as I reflect on previous years, I suppose the Autumn always brings a certain busyness. The advent of a new school year, changes in the daily rhythms, excitement for fall events, decorating, baking, etc. all bring a manic type of feeling. It's pretty intense at times, wouldn't ya say? Just me? Well, that's embarrassing.

Let's say that you are also experiencing that Autumnal excitement/busyness overload but still want to get a little seasonal crafting in... This is it. This is about as fast as the law allows crafting to be. Any faster and you may get a ticket. Budabump.

These are super duper fast and the kids LOVED making them! Next stop: Pipe cleaner ghost school room garland!


White pipe cleaners

Wooden beads

Black markers



1. Bend your pipe cleaner so that the ends touch. Twist to close.

2. Cut another pipe cleaner into 2 inch pieces (give or take a bit, of course.)

3. Fold one end of the cut pipe cleaner over the side of the upper 1/3 of the pipe cleaner.

4. Add wooden beads. Fold the other end of the pipe cleaner over and secure in place.

5. Draw circles on the wooden beads and fill in with your black marker to create eyes.

6. Add bends to the bottom of the piper cleaner to create the moving ghost effect.

YAY! So fast and so cute! Enjoy.

Mary Alice xx


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