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Pipe Cleaner Reindeer

Fla la la la la la la! The most wonderful time of the year is upon us! Sweaters, hot cocoa, and snow (fingers crossed!) all come about this time of year and! The holidays bring a certain nostalgia, that is hopefully, a good thing for you. For many there are sour memories associated with the holidays. This can be a very difficult time of the year. If that is true for you, it is my hope that crafting can ease some of the hardship you experience.

These lil reindeer are so simple to make, it's almost unreasonable! They take minutes but certainly look adorable and provide a massive fine motor workout for the little ones! These can be turned into ornaments by simply gluing ribbon to the back of the reindeers' antlers. You could even place the reindeer directly into the tree as is! Just prop the lil guys up, in between some branches.


Brown pipe cleaners

Wooden bead (both plain and colored)

Brown marker

White paint pen, or a pointy object and white paint


1. Place a red bead on the pipe cleaner. Push it to the center.

2. Bend the pipe cleaner so that the ends touch. Add a plain bead to each side.

3. Bend the sides over each other and twist closed.

4. Use the marker to draw on eyes. Add white dots with your paint pen or a pointy object like a skewer and white paint.

5. Bend the antlers and add colorful beads!

Optional: Add a ribbon to the intersection of the antlers! Hang on the tree or gift to your besties.

From all of us here at the Brainy HQ, have a wonderful holiday season.

Mary Alice xx


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