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Popsicle Stick Gnomes

Christmas gnomes are all the rage these days. I get it. What could be cuter than a long bearded, tiny creature with a pointy hat, giant nose and no eyes? Basically nothing. The large gnome hat clumsily resting on his nose, and precariously covering his eyes is rather cute. The entire scene reminds me of a one, Ralphie, stuffed so deep into his snowsuit, he's rendered immobile. "I can't put my arms down!" Remember that line from A Christmas Story? That's like the gnome that "can't lift my hat!" And that's darn cute.

These guys are EASY! They are packed with fine motor practice, creative expression and holiday cheer. What's more, they make perfect gifts! Try adding a loop for hanging on the tree or on the wall. Lots of way to use these lil guys this holiday season. Are you sold yet? Great! Let's get on with it!


*Darn Good Yarn (or whatever yarn you have!)

Grab 15% of your order with this code: BRAINY_BEGINNINGS_15

*School glue or hot glue (glue gun)

*6 popsicle sticks (per gnome)

*Pom Pom


1. Assemble the gnome frame with popsicle sticks. Start by creating a triangle. Glue each junction together.

2. Flip the triangle over and glue two sticks to the bottom to form another triangle.

3. Return to the front side and glue a popsicle stick parallel to the base piece of the triangles. Adding this piece creates a space for the yarn to catch. It makes the yarn wrapping easier for little hands.

4. Add a dab of glue to the parallel sticks. Place yarn end into it. Add glue to the bottom half of the triangle and begin to wrap! We used white yarn for the beard. Go in multiple direction to make it easier. Add more glue if necessary.

5. Move to the other triangle and add your favorite Darn Good Yarn! Grab your 15% off coupon above! We used our Recycled Silk yarn from Darn Good Yarn for our hats and I LOVE THEM! This yarn is super cool. We also used the Recycled Sari Silk yarn in blue for a hat! It's got lots of gorgeous colors in it and it works perfectly for crafting. I find the colors to be really great for Christmas projects too! Check it out!

6. Glue on the pom pom nose. TA-DA!

We hope you have a wonderful Holiday! Enjoy this project with your kiddos! And enjoy 15% off your purchase with Darn Good Yarn with this code: BRAINY_BEGINNINGS_15

Happy Holidays, good people of the world!


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