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Pressed Flower Pinwheel

Every now and then, the sky opens up and an idea drops down into my brain like the well timed "bing" of the triangle towards the end of a song. This is one of those ideas that satisfies my craving for balance between form and function. The inclusion of nature as a component in that balance, leaves me just happy, really. Add to that, a way to preserve the beautiful bits from the garden and I am thankful for the parting skies.

This Pressed Flower Pinwheel works! It spins and looks beautiful doing so. However, I would not recommend placing this in the ground or anywhere that it may take a beating from Mother Nature. This is a bit more delicate. I can imagine a really long farmhouse table with the center covered in moss and candles. There would periodically be, small glass vases filled with these pinwheels. Guests could spin them at whim, or simply admire nature's stunning colors!

The other great thing about these? They are easy!


*Parchment paper

*Contact paper

*Flower petals

*These awesome push pins or whichever you desire



1. Lay a piece of parchment paper in a large heavy book. Put petals on the paper. Fold or place another piece of parchment paper on top. Close the book. Place many large books on top or similarly heavy items. Leave for 3 days or so.

2. Cut two squares out of contact paper. They need to be the same size. I recommend not exceeding 7 inches or so. (Doing so, renders the pinwheel a bit floppy, if you will.)

3. Pull the back side of the contact paper off and place sticky side up.

4. Grab those stunning dried petals and get creative!

5. Place the petals (and leaves) in a pattern or randomly on the paper. Be sure to apply a single layer only and press firmly.

6. Once your design is completed, apply the other piece of contact paper to the first. Press firmly around every petal. Trim off overlap however be sure to maintain a square or your pinwheel will be off balance.

7. Fold the square in half.

8. Fold this in half again to create a triangle. Unfold and cut 3/4 down the folded lines you have created. Repeat on the other seam. For more instruction, see this.

9. Fold alternating corners in towards the center and tack with the push pin onto the stick. Viola!

Behold your stunning Pressed Flower Pinwheel! What will you do with your pinwheel?


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