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Pressed Flower Pinwheel

Every now and then, the sky opens up and an idea drops down into my brain like the well timed "bing" of the triangle towards the end of a song. This is one of those ideas that satisfies my craving for balance between form and function. The inclusion of nature as a component in that balance, leaves me just happy, really. Add to that, a way to preserve the beautiful bits from the garden and I am thankful for the parting skies.

This Pressed Flower Pinwheel works! It spins and looks beautiful doing so. However, I would not recommend placing this in the ground or anywhere that it may take a beating from Mother Nature. This is a bit more delicate. I can imagine a really long farmhouse table with the center covered in moss and candles. There would periodically be, small glass vases filled with these pinwheels. Guests could spin them at whim, or simply admire nature's stunning colors!

The other great thing about these? They are easy!