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Robot Party

It all started with Mirt. Perhaps, if we dig deeper, we can say it all began with Christmas. Upon receiving many a large packages via the post, we decided to build our good friend, Mirt, the Robot. He was created by simply stacking boxes atop each other and going wild with paint! Creating Mirt was not an activity during our Robot Party but very well could have been! Meet Mirt:

Mirt has been a very friendly edition to our family, residing in the living room, beaming endlessly despite our mood swings. We thought it would be fun to build the kids' joint birthday around Mirt or more specifically around a robot theme. We had a robot piñata, a robot loose parts building station AND a Mirt inspired robot cake!

Behold this most hilarious sight:

This robot cake makes me laugh every time I look at it! It really is comical and the kids loved it! Overall, it was a nice edition to the party. Had I more time, I maybe would have smoothed the icing a bit. Though, my intention was to create a cake that resembled the very free flowing nature of Mirt.

Next we had a loose part robot making station.